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Wednesday Wind Up


Hiya dudes and dudettes

Here’s a new track from Jon Miller’s new band called Bellum

It sounds killer!

Welcome back brother!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes 

Welcome to Corey’s

Now this looks like my type of party


Wonder if they’ll let me join in

I’ll get my leather gear all ready

The Devil’s Rejects


Where has this cat been? Find out where former Devildriver bassist Jon Miller has been hiding out!

Originally posted on FourteenG:

It was February 6th 2011 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Hangin’ with the usual suspects. Good times were afoot. Libations were had. Getting ready to sway to whatever DevilDriver was about to spew forth. We take our spot, stage right, next to the speakers. It begins…

“Um, where the fuck is Miller?” 

Jonathan Miller, the bassist. The dude we meet on DD’s first tour in the early 2ks. That dude who helped lay down that rhythmic foundation since the beginning of their conception. That full steam ahead, 5-ton truck, ready to assault your ear cavity. The one who didn’t treat us women in the industry like a piece of ass in shoes?! Yeah, that dude. He was gone.

Were we [at FourteenG] that out of touch? Had we been away THAT long?! Nope. It was just a jettison maneuver of a familiar member. R i g h t…

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Heavy Metal? On Life Support


Some Shar Thoughts on Metal!

Originally posted on FourteenG:


After commenting on the article featuring Gene Simmons about rock being dead, I had to think about the genre we’ve been covering since 2003.

Metal. Now, over the years we’ve evolved as people. All 3 of us live our own lives, we done different things, and taken different paths to sustain ourselves. E still does photography, Karma is still editing, and I’m still editing and writing articles as well as fiction, however, metal is no longer the main focus. Why you ask? Well, because my friends, metal is clearly on life support.

lsNo, it’s not dead like Gene claims rock is, but take what he said and apply it to our genre. How many standouts have come out in the last decade, broke the barriers and became huge? Mastodon, Black Veiled Brides, and if you want to go further, Lamb of God because we can’t get enough of the loveable rednecks…

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Sex Type Thing is FREE at ARe


Sex Type Thing Free at ARe

Originally posted on BLMorticia Erotica With Snark :


Sex Type Thing is Free at ARe

Until Tuesday

Here is the link


Warning: Same Sex practices most may find objectionable

Dubcon, fisting, watersports, just to name a few!

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Wednesday Wind Up

Mornin peeps

I haven’t heard any Helloween in a while

An oldie but goodie here.

\m/ \m/

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes and welcome to Corey’s

Wow, this is sexy. I’d like an ass like this to grab on to

Nicolai has no butt whatsoever!


Ah well, a man can dream right?


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