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Wednesday Wind Up


Mornin peeps

This morning’s wake the fuck up song is Jesus Christ Pose

Shar’s been on this Soundgarden kick lately

She even has me singing some in the next book.


I love some Soundgarden too

I heard grunge was great back in the day

I was only a baby back then

Too bad my mom didn’t play any of this at home.

She was too busy screwing…

Oh sorry


Just enjoy the vid!


Titillating Tuesday NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

Hmm, now this…

Oh yeah and it looks like some rimming is going on there.


I’m intrigued but you’re not hanging me like that?

No siree

Not afraid of heights but just hanging by some silk?

Uh no thanks!

Let me leave it to those pretty boys!

The Wretched 2.3 is OUT!


Wretched is out kids! ENJOY

Originally posted on BLMorticia Erotica With Snark :


Good mornin

Well 2.3 is out for download!

Check it out at 

Smashwords and ARe

Thanks to Kym Reed for the fab job beta editing!

Blurb: Nicolai’s feeling a little different these days about his relationship with Corey Patrick and it’s driving him nuts. His lady, Renee has up and disappeared, Trey LaConte is ready to fight him but all Nicolai can think about is being in bed with his hot bassist. 

In Nicolai’s final book, find out how far he’ll go to secure a future with Renee and Corey at his side. 

Yes friends, greed truly does get you everywhere.

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Cover Reveals



Mornin peeps

Wow, look at the covers.

Shar and BL are working on Metalrotica all month long and these are the magnificent covers they came up with.

Of course up top is Wretched 2.3 with Nicolai


Below is my next book 

Followed by the next Reluctant Groupie, it’s a het 

and last is Metalerotique which I’m really looking forward to!

Look for the Wretched to be out this month for sure. Dunno about the last two but stranger things have happened!





Wednesday Wind Up

Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to another Wednesday Wind Up

Here’s some new music to me but I guess these guys have been around for a while.

Since EK went to see this band, I thought I’d give her a thrill and play them this mornin



Titillating Tuesday



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

This is a great drawing

Looks like the devil is being tempted into some shit

Nicolai will appreciate this.


Wretched News



Good news peeps.

Shar and BL are done writing Wretched 2.3 with Nicolai and I return in book 2.4

The lovely and talented Erika Kristen has done both covers as well as BL’s version of Reluctant Groupie, Chance of a Lifetime

Look for Wretched 2.3 to be out by week’s end. Shar is sending it to the betas now.

We’ll post a snippet on Rawiya’s blog for Wind Down Wednesday.



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