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Wednesday Wind Up


Okay, I know this is kind of mellow for a wake up but I love this song!

Damnit, I just heard Filter and Coal Chamber are going on tour next year…

Of course, I’m gonna try to go and show my support when they come through

This is like my fave tune by Filter

Where the hell have they been?

Titillating Tuesday



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

Hey, now, you know I love redheads

They can come in any size, color, and gender…

*grins at Spescha*

and I’ll fall all over myself

This gal’s got it going on


*screams from Spescha hitting me*

Okay,okay, she’s cute and that’s all


New Release The Wretched Tales 3.2


3.2 OUT NOW!

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The Wretched 3.2 is out!

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Wednesday Wind Up

Mornin folks

Okay this new Machinehead sounds pretty killer

Nothing touches the first couple but oh well, they are aging!


I like it, so I guess

I’ll check out the rest of the tracks!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

Whew, this is a hot pic,


Tattooed men and women rule, especially together!

Wednesday Wind Up

Morning dudes and dudettes

Some Opeth for you this morning

Me and my honey are on our way to see them tonight along with In Flames and Red Fang

The show should be killer!

\m/ \m/

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes

and welcome to Corey’s

Hey, this looks fun

Two metal dudes sharing a little tongue action


I got a lot of that with my new man as of late…

I know, I know, I’m turning into a sap

It’s cool though, I’m a lot happier these days.

Have you downloaded the Wretched yet?


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