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Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

Hmm, well!

I see some lesbian lovin’ in The Wretched’s future

I think I’ll be checking it out from a side view

Or will I be an active participant?

Hmm, oh the possibilities are endless since Shar and BL plan on ending The Wretched with a bang!

Watch this space

Release of The Wretched Tales Volume Two


New Volume out now

Originally posted on BLMorticia Erotica With Snark :


Very quietly, Shar put out Volume Two of The Wretched

And a little news for you

The Wretched is close to being completed

We’re on the first story and will continue writing until it’s finished.

So the next installment will be a full book

I think that’s what we should do right? It’s been going on forever.

It’s definitely time. For those following here, you’ll get a sneak peek

For now though, here are the links for this Volume




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Wednesday Wind Up


Mornin peeps

Saw Prong over the weekend with Overkill

It was a killer show!

Tommy’s still got it

Happy belated b-day man!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

Hmm, a chick?


Uh, uh okay, yeah, I still like the ladies

Just threw me for a loop!

Wednesday Wind Up


Hiya dudes and dudettes

Here’s a new track from Jon Miller’s new band called Bellum

It sounds killer!

Welcome back brother!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings dudes and dudettes 

Welcome to Corey’s

Now this looks like my type of party


Wonder if they’ll let me join in

I’ll get my leather gear all ready

The Devil’s Rejects


Where has this cat been? Find out where former Devildriver bassist Jon Miller has been hiding out!

Originally posted on FourteenG:

It was February 6th 2011 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Hangin’ with the usual suspects. Good times were afoot. Libations were had. Getting ready to sway to whatever DevilDriver was about to spew forth. We take our spot, stage right, next to the speakers. It begins…

“Um, where the fuck is Miller?” 

Jonathan Miller, the bassist. The dude we meet on DD’s first tour in the early 2ks. That dude who helped lay down that rhythmic foundation since the beginning of their conception. That full steam ahead, 5-ton truck, ready to assault your ear cavity. The one who didn’t treat us women in the industry like a piece of ass in shoes?! Yeah, that dude. He was gone.

Were we [at FourteenG] that out of touch? Had we been away THAT long?! Nope. It was just a jettison maneuver of a familiar member. R i g h t…

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