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Rockin’ Reviews – With the Boys in the Band Marie Medina


Good mornin’ peeps!

This is Corey with a new segment. I do have to try keeping you entertained as you wait for the next part of the Wretched to come in late March. We’re also doing a book trailer as well for thh Wretched series and BL has decided to hold off until book 2 comes out. 

In the meantime, I’ll be doing Rockin’ Reviews which is a book review i’ll try doing every week. 

Most of them will be books that cross between erotica romance and rock and roll and or other genre of music.

So for the first part, lets feature this one, With the  Boys in the Band by Marie Medina.

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Working as an assistant for the metal band Serration is Alicia’s dream gig—a far cry from the cubicle she abandoned at her old job. She promised herself she wouldn’t become starstruck, but the band’s frontman, Vince, proves very hard to ignore. She manages to resist him on a daily basis, but soon she finds herself thinking about the keyboardist, Emerson, all the time.

The two men’s closeness confuses her a little, and Vince’s promiscuous reputation makes her wary, but when Emerson invites her to Vince’s summer house for a week-long getaway, she jumps at the chance. A single day in such close quarters convinces Alicia of one thing: these two men want each other as much as they want her. Will they only see each other as rivals, or will they give in and let her lure them both to her bed and her very willing arms?

Okay so first of all, I love the band name. Extra points for it being a heavy metal band. Second, two hot guys, one hot girl? AWESOMENESS, points for that too and the cover is hot as well. The story is well written, the sex is hot and the characters seem to get along together as a threesome really well.

Problem? The story is too short, it felt rushed towards the end. 2nd, I didn’t really feel the love between the two guys at all. Their sex scene was hurried, no emotion. I mean, the tension and buildup was fantastic but in my eyes when you have that much tension, the sex has to be on that same level. A long sex scene with toys, mutual masturbation, just more than what we got which seemed like it was put in as an afterthought.

Another thing I loved was Vince and Emerson. They’re both likeable but I found Alicia to be a tad, err… out of place. As I stated earlier, the sex with all three? Hot! But in all truth, she wasn’t even needed and another part not needed? The shifter element. Sorry if it spoils it for you but I felt that was just a throw in. There is no explanation why the Vince and Alicia are shifters. When I saw that I was confused, like where the heck did that come from… *sigh*

All in all, still a good story. Despite the couple of issues I had, I would pick up another story by Miss Medina in the future.

3 horns for this one.

\m/ \m/ \m/

Pick up the book at this link and watch for my next review which will be Sage Whistler’s Broken! AWESOME book!

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