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Rockin Reviews – Broken Sage Whistler




Hey there once again!

Its time for yet another edition of Rockin’ reviews!

Oh and have I got a goody for you!

The story Broken by Sage Whistler

Not for the squeamish and this I am not so here goes the blurb:

Gabriel and Tristan Stalling parted ways seven years ago when their father kicked Gabriel out of the house for being gay. The years that passed were hard on both brothers. Tristan was left with his guilt and shame for not sticking up for his twin, the relentless need to please their parents, and the gnawing ache for his other half.

Gabriel manages to make his dreams of becoming a rockstar come true, but with his fame comes drugs and meaningless sex as he tries to drown out the hurt he feels when Tristan abandoned him.

As fate would have it, the Stalling twins are about to get one last chance to make things right. Both Gabriel and Tristan will be tested as never before. Not only will they have to make a choice between giving in to a love so taboo it can never be revealed or spending their lives forever broken, but they will also have to face the ghosts of their past, even the ones with the power to destroy them

Okay, let me just preface this by saying, IT IS A TWINCEST STORY! Yes, two twins making love, falling into bed, yaddda, yadda, yadda. So if you’re not into that then please move on but at the outset I did say I’m not squeamish sooooo… I read and I loved! Yes I loved this book!

Plenty of tension, I loved all characters in the book Tristan and Gabriel are made for one another and I felt their pain in all parts of the book. Sex was amazingly written so hot, I asked BL to take notes. *smirks* I’m like, sister you need to write sex like this. WTF man!

Anyways, bonus points for the band name, Thrice Broken. Such a great band name! LOVED IT. Wish I would’ve thought of it first. *laughs* So you get that I loved the book? Yes I loved and if you’re not scared of trying something different in your reading then please pick up this book.

In my estimation, love and attraction can happen to anyone and well in this story, it happens with twins! HOT indeed. Go pick it up!

Link to Broken here

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