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Rockin Reviews When I Say When, Tia Fielding

  15994034Good mornin’. Welcome to another edition of Rockin’ Reviews.

 This week’s review is on Tia Fielding’s book, When I Say When. It’s a very quick read, less than 40 pages but in this short, there’s a lot of emotion which is what makes it great.

In fact, the only disappointment is that it’s so short, other than that, it’s a great book. The characters are likeable, the setting believeable. (A young man who has a crush on a friend’s brother) The flashbacks are the greatest part of the book especially with the characters looking back to their moment at the Foo Fighter’s concert. I thought that was a nice touch since I love the Foos’ myself.

If only the book were longer so we could see more about Gabe and Jordan and how their feelings developed for one another. Perhaps Ms. Fielding will do that someday, I’d love to read it.

Oh and even better that the short is a freebie!

Still, a good one. 3.5 horns. \m/ \m/ \m/ \m

Blurb from Goodreads: Jordan has his hands full running the publishing firm he saved from going under at the cost of his personal life. He doesn’t have time to date, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have needs.

Instead of trying to find a date, Jordan makes an appointment with a prostitute—something he’s never done before—and his companion turns out to be his high school crush, Gabe! Panic would ruin everything, including the chance at something real that Jordan suddenly craves

Link to When I Say When here

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