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Rockin Reviews – The British Devil Greg Hogben

2   Good morning peeps and welcome to another edition of rockin reviews. No rock book this week. Damn Shar is writing another rockstar novella, this time for Rawiya, BL’s sweet little sister. More on that later. 

However, here’s a book I read I truly enjoyed throughout. Mind you, there’s little to no sex in this one but it’s an engaging read and I easily fell in love with the characters. 

British Devil is a story about a British man who’s fell in love with a man in the US Military. He talks about their long distance relationship, the hurdles they overcame to date while DADT was still in effect, as well as the troubles he had with his man’s mother who was such a bitch throughout the book. I seriously wanted to kick her ass but in the end it’s all good. 

The note in the blurb did say semi-autobigraphical and I wondered just how much the author actually experienced. Not only that, his humor made this book even more fun and you know how much I love a book that makes me laugh. Some of it did come off a little preachy but for the most part, I found this book to be one I’d read again. All in all, a good long read when you’re on a flight to the next country or a bus ride to the next town.

If you like a good gay fiction book with a touch of romance, this one’s for you!

4.5 horns \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m


Blurb From Goodreads: British national Greg Stephens knew there would be challenges in his new relationship with handsome American Navy officer Danny Taylor: long distance; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; the Defense of Marriage Act; US immigration….

But he didn’t anticipate his greatest obstacle: Danny’s born-again Christian mother, Vivien. A secretary in a small-town Southern Baptist church in Texas, she bristles at Greg’s secular beliefs. Through passive-aggressive manipulation, subtle deceit, or outright battle, Vivien resolves to banish Greg and return Danny to the fold, come hell or high water. Greg’s hold on Danny’s heart is pitted against Vivien’s crusade for Danny’s soul.

All the while, Greg devotes himself to keeping Danny happy while negotiating the cultural differences of his life in America. Danny’s new career as a lawyer takes them from his native Texas to New York. But with Vivien testing Greg’s stiff upper lip at every turn, something has to give.

The British Devil is a semiautobiographical novel exploring culture, religion, and love in a bi-national relationship



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