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Corey Recomends… Crashdiet

CrashdietGreetings metalheads and erotica fans. Corey here with a recommendation for a relatively new band to the American scene, Crashdiet. Hailing from Sweden where the Gothenburg sound is still king comes a quartet with melody, kick ass riffs, and the look of old style Motley Crue.

You recall back in the day, the eighties when Vince and company came on the scene with songs such as Shout at the Devil, Smoking in the Boys Room, Too Young to Fall in Love just to name a few. Well, I sense that edgy excitement from Crashdiet and I tell ya’, i’m glad to see it.


Now, now, before you ol’ school Motley fans get your thongs up in a bunch or your mullets begin to spin on the top of your heads, I’m not really saying they’re better than Motley. Let’s face it, the Crue, especially the one of old when Vince and company were fucked up on drugs and alcohol was some of the best heavy metal out there. Motley earned their stripes. They’ll always be one of the best but wow, the Crashdiet disc definitely pulls some of that energy, that raw, edgy, sexiness and adds some melody.

I’d have to say, lead singer Simon Cruz might be a better singer though. He can carry a tune a lot better and his voice just hits you in the heart whether its on tunes like California, my personal favorite, or Cocaine Cowboys, he shows the range throughout the album and well, his lyrics are something to behold.

Crashdiet2  Crashdiet reminds me of old bands like Faster Pussycat, Vain, and maybe even Bang Tango, that sort of sleaze metal with a touch of melody and punk. No doubt, lead singer Simon Cruz might be a punk advocate with the mohawk that reaches to the heavens. He’s definitely a menacing figure and his voice goes along with the look, suiting the band well. Besides that, the other band members might look like lost members of Poison. One in particular, Peter London looks like CC Deville’s unclaimed son but hey, it works for him. *chuckles*

Despite the eye popping appearance of the band, the guys in CD can really play. The album is well worth the money I put down on it and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go back in their youth of the 80’s and enjoy the days of sleazy metal at it’s finest. The big diference between CD and those other bands, this band has a lot more chops. No pussy hair metal for them!

Hail to Crashdiet for putting out such a rocking disc!

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