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Rockin Reviews – What Binds Us Larry Benjamin (SPOILER ALERT)

1 Greetings folks. After 2 weeks off I’m back with a review of this book, What Binds Us. 

Let me first say that I really enjoyed the book and at the same time, the book bored me. Explain you say? Well, what I loved about the book was the way it was written. The descriptions by the author were very vivid. I could see the beautiful house Dondi and his brother Matthew lived in with their parents along with their brother Colin. And the characters? I really loved Dondi. He was alive to me throughout this novel. A flaming gay man living in the pre-AIDS awareness era, looking for hookups but not interested in love. Sadly, he doesn’t do it safely and unfortunately, meets a horrible fate towards the end but I got it and I damn near cried. The book moved me, so beautifully written and yet…

The drawback? The method in which it was written. Sort of like an autobiography, a diary entry. Scenes with Thomas Edward (narrator) along with Dondi and Matthew were chopped up and very hard to follow in the beginning. I’m thinking this was the way the author intended it to be and so the editor didn’t ask him to change. Still, it distracted me at first. I had to put down the book a couple of times and come back to it. Nevertheless, it didn’t effect my rating too much. By the end, I felt so bad for Dondi and how his life ended so abrupt. No mystery to what happens since by about portion 625? out of 3500 or so parts, I figured Thomas and Matthew, Dondi’s Brother, would end up together and take care of Dondi the sick sibling.

All in all, a very emotional read that once I got past the initial parts, I couldn’t put down. If you want a book that moves you the way this one did and can get through the initial “journal entries” then this book is for you.

3.75 horns \m/ \m/ \m/ .75

Oh one more thing my fave Dondi line: “I’ve had the claps so much its now an applause.” LMAO

I know, I know I gotta review a music book! No fear, a couple are in my queue!

From Goodreads

Family secrets, old money, 2 boys in love, a fairy tale wedding.

When 17 year old Thomas-Edward falls in love with the mega wealthy Dondi Whyte and finds his love returned, he thinks they will be together forever. When their relationship fails, he learns that sometimes it is in an ending that we find our beginning.

“…captures the heart and imagination…” Kirkus Reviews

Spanning a decade from the late 70s to the late 80s, set in Philadelphia and Long Island, What Binds Us combines themes of family, love, race, sexuality–all the things that can pull us apart and bind us together



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