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Rockin Reviews – Happy Sodding Valentine’s Melanie Tushmore SPOILER ALERT



Greetings again folks! This is Corey with another review and yes this time it’s a rock and roll book! *smirks* Yeah, I know you’ve been waiting but hell, they’re so many awesome reads out there that aren’t music related. How can this pansexual boy choose? Okay yeah and I guess THAT has a lot to do with how I can’t make up my damn mind.


Anyways, I digress. Today’s review is about Happy Sodding Valentines by good buddy Melanie Tushmore. This is a prequel to her book Crucifox which I can’t wait to tear open especially after enjoying this freebie.


First, the book covers a rock band, Crucifox and they share a place in London! Love it already right? As you’d expect, the band is full of wayward characters and the setting is around Valentine’s Day. Now, you might expect this book to be about love gone wrong, or broken hearts between band members, etc. Nooo… not at all, rather it’s a story of the band and how this V-Day eve is turned upside down.


The majority of the members go out to hang, leaving member Sky alone within his own thoughts. When they return, they bring back a lady to their house. Ughh… Groupie? Maybe, except this poor gal is seemingly drugged out of her mind. Much to the dismay of Sky, none of his mates know how she latched on to them and the story proceeds with how Sky manages to get this spacey cadet out of their home.


Brill! I loved it. Melanie painted such a great picture of all the characters and the gal who I’m sure has probably hung around the Wretched before. *smirks* I was laughing throughout the book and I look forward to reading the main book about Sky and company as they work their way through the metal ranks.


The short is definitely a must read and I enjoyed everything about the book. Plus, it’s a freebie so you really can’t go wrong there.

5 Horns \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Taken from Goodreads

When the record deal was a distant dream, Crucifox lived in a squalid house in south London, along with the man they called Spider, so named because he was big, hairy and hung around dark corners.

On Valentine’s eve, everyone piles off to a club night to get wrecked, except guitarist Sky, who opts to stay home for a bit of peace and quiet.

Well after midnight, his wayward housemates return, bringing with them an uninvited guest, and it’s up to Sky to get rid of her.

Download here

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