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Rockin Reviews: Rocked by Clara Bayard

CB  Greetings dudes and dudettes, welcome to Corey’s. Man it’s been a helluva long time since I did a freaking book review. Shit… I can’t even recall the last time and really, I haven’t been reading too much as of late either. Damn Nicholai and Renee takin up all my time. Heh… Anyways, today I’m reviewing a het book. What? You didn’t think I would? Well, it’s a story about a rocker…yeah there it is. It’s a rock and roll book and I gotta say, the hero, Joe Hawk sounds hot!

Anyways, it’s a cute little story about a young, pleasantly plump woman who works in a little café as a waitress who has a chance to hook up with her dream man in tight denims. Late one night, Liss, the heroine, is working in the not so busy diner, waiting to go home. Joe Hawk, the lead singer of Dream Defiled, (great name by the way) comes in, hungry and the two strike up a conversation. Sparks fly and the two end up eventually getting it on, which makes for quite the hook up between two almost total strangers.

Now, let me say it was a cute story. The author did a good job of showing the attraction between Liss and Joe. However, I wanted more build up to their love. What, besides the fact she’d talk openly with Joe, attracted him to her? Was it her frame? He does mention that and actually, I like a little meat on the bones myself. *sigh* I miss Deborah… Ahem, anyway, yeah, what else made him want her? And, why couldn’t Liss be more of a confident big, beautiful woman? Yeah, this comes from the head, Sharita and I gotta agree with her. Must the voluptuous heroine be so drab? Seems the author painted her as lonely, living alone, and pitiful with no real romantic prospects and her romance books to get her off. Sad, but at least she has the chance to be with Joe on the long term, or so we think. Yeah there’s another book to read in this series and of course I will be reading to find out. All in all, the story wasn’t bad. I wanted to know more about Joe but I might have to read more of the books to find out.

Nice job author but next time you write an author book, give us more as to why a character like Liss attracts a hot man like Joe Hawk.

3 horns \m/ \m/ \m/

Taken from Goodreads

When rising rock star Joe Hawk wanders into the diner where Liss works her dark night is brightened by his incredibly blue eyes and sexy smile. The attraction is immediate and every moment is charged with erotic heat.
He’s searching for something real.

The first impression is easy. Taking the next step is much harder. The plus sized beauty has to overcome her insecurities to take a risk on a man whose life is the opposite of everything she’s ever known and changing faster than either of them realizes.

From the first electric touch their chemistry is undeniable and the possibilities are endless


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