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Rockin Reviews – Grindcore Boys B. Addler

BA   Greetings dudes and dudettes. Welcome to Corey’s for another rockin review. And it really is a rockin book! *grins* I really enjoyed this story by a new to me author by the name of B. Addler. This book is raw look at a band doing whatever they can to make it to the top. And along the way their having all kinds of fun. Hmm, sounds familiar. Heh. And the name of this rock outfit is classic so I’ll leave that part for you to find out when you read it.

Anyways, lead singer Jason meets Val after a show backstage and instantly the two of them are attracted to one another. This is especially interesting since Jason has only been with girls but immediately the two of them do a little something to get the sex rolling in the story.

The book starts off choppy at first but after a few pages it ends up being a smooth tale about a man finding out more about himself sexually while heading up an up and coming band. Doesn’t it sound like another band we know? *winks* I love the style of writing, real vivid and the way the author talks about the band they’re portrayed like GWAR or something with the mention of blood. *raises horns* I dug that since I’m a big fan of GWAR. Anyhoot, this is a good story and though I wish it could’ve continued on with more about Jason, Val, and the band, I still enjoyed it immensely.

4 horns

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Taken from Goodreads

Despite his suggestive moniker as the lead singer of a local punk band, Jason has only ever been with girls. Then he meets a fan boy named Val, and for the first time Jason lives up to his stage name. Surprised but unable to ignore his attraction, Jason pursues Val even as he tries to increase his band’s profile and deals with an unscrupulous club manager. With the band on the verge of a breakthrough, Jason and Val have to decide if there’s room for love in the lives of grindcore boys.


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