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Rockin Reviews – Two Point Conversion Mercy Celeste

20983514Greetings dudes and dudettes, this is Corey with another review but not a rock and roll book. Instead, I’m talkin about hot twinsex, yes, twincest by the master of tension, Mercy Celeste. And let me just say this book is hot, real, hot, I mean sizzling sex that made me wanna go find a set myself to experiment with. *chuckles* And as per usual, Mercy has so much going on outside the bedroom, you have to keep reading.

So, yeah there is your warning; TWINCEST, that means sex between brothers. This would be the fifth or sixth book I’ve read with this kind of taboo. And really, other than Broken by Sage Whistler which is my fave twinsexy book, Mercy’s offering takes the cake.

Start off with the twins, Kyle and Kevin who have the hots for each other. One is gay, the other is supposedly straight. Both play football for the same school and during a trip back home from a game, one brother gets all horny… heh, and the other takes care of the problem. Bold right? I love how Mercy takes chances. They’re nineteen which makes them barely legal but hey as long as they’re not kids it’s all good. Moving on, the brothers are totally into one another and what makes it interesting is that some of their friends recognize the attraction. There’s also an episode with a mean girl who’s trying to get both into trouble as well as fighting parents, a coach who’s in the closet with his assistant, and an asshole father to boot. Didn’t I just say this was a Mercy book? It can’t be all pretty colors and hot sex, right? She’s gotta give her characters hell before the end of the book.

The only thing that bothered me was the ending. I mean, the parents end up divorcing and the mean girl gets what she deserves but there is not settlement for the twins. They’re going to different schools, they made love, and being forced out by their father when they’re caught in mid fuck. What happens to Kyle and Kevin next? It left me wanting more and damnit if I don’t get my ending for these two I’ll be sadly disappointed. Even if its just an HFN it will be fine but give me resolution, damnit.

Still, Mercy did a great job giving me a hot twin story with lots of tension as only Mercy can write. Also a note, i’m disappointed to see Mercy allow the idiots to get to her and pull this book. My bro muse Michael has done 3 with a fourth coming. Write what you want Mercy. Your fans love you

4 horns

BLURB: On his 19th birthday Kyle Beauchamp gets the surprise of his life—a make out session in the back of the bus. With his wide receiver.

Kevin Beauchamp loves two things, football and Kyle. After a rough game and a discreet blow job in the back of the bus, Kevin’s life will never be the same. But the love of his life is straight, and off limits in more ways than one.

When Kyle returns his feelings, Kevin has to decide if a few nights of intense passion is worth destroying their future. He knows one thing—loving his twin might be wrong, but losing Kyle would be like losing the other half of his soul.

This book is no longer available for sale

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