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Rockin Reviews – Double Take E.M. Leya SPOILER ALERT

4 Blurb: What would you do for money? That is the question Tyler and Bryon find themselves facing after their father dies, leaving them with a ton of medical bills to cover. When they come across an ad from a popular website seeking twins to model and discuss what it’s like growing up identical, they jump at the chance. 


Lights, camera, action. In a small motel room, the two are asked to pose in different positions on the bed, holding each other as they talk about life as twins. They are forced to admit secrets they haven’t shared with anyone else and face desires they’ve never told the other about. 
How far will they go when more money is offered? 


Once the cameras are gone, and they are left to discuss what happened, the twins will have to make decisions that could change their lives forever



Review: Greeting dudes and dudettes. So, I’m doing another twincest book. Yeah, you know how much I loved Broken by Sage Whistler and Two Point Conversion by Mercy Celeste. Oh yeah, I adored Mercy’s book. And now, here comes another to be added to the twinlove bookshelf. Double Take by EM Leya.

I’m a fan of EM. I’ve read a couple of her books before. Her characters have always been vivid along with her descriptions. And an added plus, her twins are doing a porn movie together because they’re strapped for cash. And when the lights turn on, they go where they haven’t went before.

The interviewer starts asking questions and eventually gets around to asking them if they’d like to jack each other off. Yep, it gets heated and when it does, it’s hot. SCORCHING. I couldn’t wait to find out what they do next.

Unlike Mercy’s book which of course has more twists, this book is just the men realizing that they do have a connection. I’ve often wondered how I would act if I had a twin brother. Could you imagine 2 of me? Fuck! Isn’t one of me enough? *laughs* Well maybe, by I definitely dug Byron and Tyler and hell they sounded hot too.

MacioMarcosPatriota6Can they be as hot as Marcos and Maceo Patriota? Now those are some hot twins. Why can’t we see THEM naked, touching, and jacking off?

Ah well, a man can dream.

4 horns for the twinlove!


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