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Rockin Reviews – One Night Stand with The Rockstar *SPOILERS*

1  I’m not just any rockstar…I am the rockstar…

 Blurb: Welcome to world of billionaire rockstar, Alex Slader…


Just one night.
That’s all Jessica Harpmae is looking for when she gets a chance to meet billionaire rockstar, Alex Slader.
Just one night.
Alex Slader isn’t just a rockstar, he is the rockstar… a complicated man, a suffering man, a man who savers life through submission. And when he meets innocent Jessica, listening to her generic questions about his band and his life, his mind travels elsewhere… he wants Jessica.
Just one night.
Jessica must confront her deepest sexual desires and fears as she stares at the most powerful and sexiest rockstar in the world. Add to that her seemingly innocent roommate, Carrie, who is secretly locked into a sexual contract of her own, and Jessica’s life soon becomes a twisted mix of reality, fantasy, and past memories that place her in Alex Slader’s bed and heart…
But, remember, it’s only a one night stand…

 The quote before the blurb is what stuck out in my mind the most. THE Rockstar, Alex Slader explaining to journalist Jessica Harpmae why he’s the only one that matters. Man, this dude and Nicolai need to be best buddies. Conceited much? However, much like my fearless leader’s douchelike attitude, I found Alex’s swagger to be very sexy. He’s over the top, exactly the way a lot of lead singers are who think they’re the shit. And Alex has more than just adoring fans, he has money, lots of it, owning hotels, buying the damn venue he plays in just so he can play when he wants.

The author wrote this books as if she were describing a hybrid of Prince and Trent Reznor. Both, who think they are the stars regardless and like Prince, Alex plays a show when he feels like it. The ticket says 8pm, he plays at 2am. Alex’s dribble is Trent like. He has this dark aura about him that demands people’s attention and like many, Jessica herself cannot get away.

I loved the way the book was written. There’s lots of sexual tension between the characters and they are well defined in each chapter. The only thing that bothered me was, not that much of a physical description of Alex. I remember the author talking about his cock and I think he had long black hair with muscles. Sorry, I like to see my rock star, much like Olivia Cunning did in her book. Owen left such an impression on Shar, she named her next character Owen. *laughs* Despite the lack of showing Alex, we’re reminded just how creepy and sexy he is in each page. So kudos for the author on that.

Another thing I have a problem with is the side story. I know this author wants you to read book 2, which we will, this weekend but I don’t like Jessica’s friend, Carrie. Hey, I like good girls who are actually bad just like anyone but I found myself passing by Carrie’s story to get back to Jessica. She had me with just the two of them but adding Carrie and her douche boyfriend John did nothing for me. Still, me and Shar will be reading book two to find out what happened to Jessica in the meantime. Will she go on tour with him and give up her life at the magazine?

We shall see. In the meantime, I give this one a solid 3.5 horns.

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m

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