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Wind Down Wednesday

Here’s a little of the Wretched 2.5

Rawiya Erotica

Here to spice things up is my wicked sis, BLMorticia with a little about the next Wretched book!

Thanks Rawiya

Yes, another Wretched volume is in the books. The 2.5 is the last one before I start the last 6 or 7 in the Wretched Tales series. It’s been an awesome ride doing these books and I’m happy to say, very rewarding. People have been downloading this series to the tune of nearly 10k between ARe and Smashwords. That doesn’t include the downloads on Goodreads either. Thanks so much. 

It seems I found my niche; writing rock stars with bad attitudes and loose lips. *giggles* I love them all and I’ll be starting another set of books after The Wretched, but they won’t be free nor will it be as long.

Anyways, before I put Corey and company to bed, 2.5 is on the docket. It’s called Is This Love…

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