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Release Day for Starf*cked!

New release in the Metalrotica universe!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

starfucked_final-2Happy release day to me! WOOT

It’s Starf*cked time. 

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the story. I hope you enjoy it.

Make sure to leave a review!

Blurb: Some skeletons are better left in the closet. 

Steven Sharpe is on the road to recovery. After boozing, drugging, and sex with just about anything that moved, he’s making a comeback. Age is only a number, right? Why should he hang up his mic and guitar at thirty-seven when hard rock music needs a shot in the arm? And with his powerful voice, Steven figures he’ll have no problem regaining the adulation he once embraced as the lead singer of StarHaze. 

Despite all the crazy, fun times from back in the day, one night will forever be emblazoned in his mind—the moment he fucked up his chance at love. 

Driven and determined, Noah James is quickly climbing the corporate ladder. At twenty-eight…

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Hirah Gets a Facelift!

Hirah gets a NEW LOOK!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

I’m so stoked about the new covers for Hirah Blaze!

Aren’t they GORGEOUS?

I loved the old ones too, but these are a lot more bombass because we get to see that sexy man in the corner on the front!


Yeah, I’m really happy with how Shar’s BFF did these. I love the colors, even though I’m not the biggest pink fan. Still, they are gorgeous and Shar is putting them back in Kindle Unlimited. I really hope you’ll pick them up!


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Titillating Tuesday – NEW MUSE

Hot new muse!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

BarisAri11 Baris Ari PICTURE NOT MINE


The interwebs are wonderful for finding new muses. 

Look at this sexy morsel? He has rockstar written all over him. Just look at his tats?

Uh, yeah, I’m stalking!


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Hey dudes and dudettes!

It’s been a super long ass time since we updated this page!

BL is really busy and will be writing some rock stories in November. She will be trying to get them in with a publisher, but there is also more Metalrotica stuff planned in the coming year!

A redo of the Wretched is on the horizon as well as more books from the characters. Bryan needs a book as does, Deborah and Trey. Not together either. *grins*

Just be patient. In the meantime, Hirah will be getting a facelift. We had to put sexy ass Chad on the cover so more people will want to read the story. Shar’s BFF is working on that as we speak, so please look out for that.

In the meantime, check out BL’s newest release. Boxset for Under the Gun 3. 

Read about it here!

RELEASE DAY Blazing Trails with Hirah Blaze Book 3

Hirah Blaze book 3 is FINALLY OUT!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

Well, it’s finally out folks! My third book in the Hirah Blaze series!

Now you can find out exactly what happened with Chad and Hirah as they continue to tour with The Wretched. I’ll share an excerpt on Saturday Sips!

Right now, it is only at Amazon, but I’ll be loading all three on to the other retailers ASAP

Amazon Buylink

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BL Updates

BL is trying to WORK

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

Hirah  Okay. Now I know how Michael felt when I took over the head. GEEZ. I’m chomping at the bit to write and Michael is in the middle of another story and about to start another. God, will I ever get done with UTG? I dunno. I suppose when the others fall out Kindle Unlimited, which is another reason for my post.


So, I have UTG and Hirah coming out of KU by the end of August. I’d love for both stories to be done and available. Hirah is done and just needs edits, but as I said, UTG is still being worked on. We’re hoping to finish that in a couple of weeks. Then, it ill be released by Late August/Early September.

What I’m positive of is Hirah since she is done. We’ll be sending it to the editor and releasing it just in time for all the books…

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