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Corey Recommends

Wednesday Wind Up

New music from Sepultura. The album hits store 1/13!

Loving the track and the video. It definitely has a message we should all heed!

And enough with Sepultura isn’t Seputura without Max. Derrick is in a class all his own.

This music is hard, crushing, and everything I expect from Sepultura,

All hail Derrick!

Wednesday Wind Up In Memoriam

Simply put, one of the greatest vocalists and masters in heavy metal would’ve been 55 today.

Peter Steele was a dark poet, a warrior, and he is still missed even after 7 years. 

I loved all of his music, but this is one of my faves!

Rest in power, Peter!

Wednesday Wind Up

Some In Flames for ya.

I’m digging this tune!

This chick has an amazing voice

Wednesday Wind Up

New music from Lamb of God…

The EP releases later on this month. 

Wednesday Wind Up

The new Meshuggah album kicks ass.

It has been on constant repeat on the IPod.

That and Opeth Sorceress are my top two albums for the year!

Wednesday Wind Up

New music and yes, another chick led band.

Hmm, I love the diversity!

Bring it fucking on!

Review of Prong at Bada Brew 5/23/16


Review of Prong at Bada Brew —- May 23rd, 2016

The cries from old… ahem more mature metalheads like myself might suggest metal or hard rock music is dead. The influx of newer metal acts (except Ghost and a few others) just don’t excite me all that much and my wish is that musicians start returning to the sound of old. Yep, I’m definitely showing my age, but that’s okay. The bands I listened to coming out of high school and college had more promise and in my opinion, still kick more ass than any of these so called newer generation acts do. And hey, I’ve got bands like Prong to backup my claim.

Okay so I’m more than a little bit biased. When Prong started in 1986, I was entering high school. I didn’t actually catch on until the band released Beg to Differ in 1989, but once I did, I was hooked. Tommy’s insightful and snarky vocals to go with Ted Parsons (drums) and Mike Kirkland (bass) proved to be a formula that worked. So much so, Lost and Found was chosen as the theme to MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball into the 90’s. I remember it well. When that song was heard, I planted myself in front of the television and didn’t move until after the last video ended. Lost and Found was my life’s soundtrack.IMG_3417

Prong gained some commercial success from there, surviving band member and record label changes through the nineties well into the millennium. Even with all the modifications, Tommy and the music are a constant. After three decades, Tommy still sings opinionated lyrics and the songs continue to punch you in the gut. I witnessed it firsthand, trying my best to stay upright while rockers young and old, most of them the latter, moshed behind me to hits like the aforementioned Beg to Differ and Lost and Found.

Even with all the time that has passed, Prong still rocks it and dare I say the venue suited them well. A small bar, outside the city limits, that fit around 300 to 400 people and Prong killed it from the first song of their new album Ultimate Authority until the last one, Revenge Best Served Cold. It was the perfect setting for the band that was and always will be my go-to when I want to hear pure, unadulterated thrash.

Photos by Erika Kristen Photography