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The Wretched Tales on Amazon!

The Wretched Tales are all on Amazon!

These are all the free stories, but in volume form. 

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Rockin Reviews Beyond Complicated Mercy Celeste

1  Greetings readers and fans. Welcome to another edition of Rockin’ Reviews. It was indeed a busy reading week especially since i decided to pick up this rather large book on the left. Let me just say, my night sweats, loss of sleep, and the damn cramp in my neck were totally worth it.

Talk about edgy! WOW! It’s not even a metal story or romance but damn have the characters in this story went through some things, especially main character Liam McGuire who is the guy in the lower right. Talk about hottie. Um, can I get some?

Ahem, well anyways, what happens when the love of your life falls in love with your kid. Your GROWN kid, the boy you’ve raised. More than that, Liam has deep dark secrets that not only affect him but also the rest of his family as well as his ex Seth.

JEEZUS, when I tell you this book was a roller coaster I mean it. I have to admit, I kinda sorta guessed some things in the beginning  and well, since I want you to read the book yourself, I won’t go into huge detail. I really try not to spoil things for ya folks, I’d rather you see for yourself.

What I will tell you is the book is angsty, edgy, well written and um, told in first person, POV. Through all 375 pages, Liam guides you through his tumultuous life, taking you for a ride, grabbing you by the balls and not letting go. Did I mention the sex is off the chain?

*licks lips*

Mercy really is truly in the tops as far as m/m angsty romance. Shar and me can only bow at her greatness and say, well done and thanks for the rollercoaster that we wish would’ve never ended.

5 horns! \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

From Goodreads: Liam McGuire has the perfect life–his job is a nightmare, his apartment was swank back in the eighties, and he has a secret so painful it could destroy him. What can top that? Meeting his son’s new boyfriend, that’s what.

For former porn star Liam McGuire, life is pretty tame, except that his twenty-one year old son is now dating the love of Liam’s life. At the ripe old age of thirty-eight, Liam’s entire world is collapsing around him, his past catching up with him, his secrets and his lies are coming back to bite him. All because Kel had to go and fall in love with Seth.

Warning: Pseudo-incestuous themes. MMM sexual situations. May not be suitable for sensitive readers.

This book is no longer available from Silver Publishing. Available exclusively at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks.


A little more from the Wretched!

Here’s a extra short from the Wretched! Maybe it might end up as a part of the book! Be sure to stay tuned to this space. The first Wretched story is set to drop Friday 1/25/13!

“Corey…goddamnit! Corey! Ughhhh…” Vocalist Nicolai Zander winced and writhed in pain on the floor after attempting to do high leg kick ala David Lee Roth. “Shiiittt…fuckin’ hurts! Coreeyyyy!”


Fresh out the shower with only a small towel wrapped around his waist, bassist Corey Patrick came running to his aid. “Fuck Nicolai, what’dya do now?” Brown eyes narrowed in Nicolai’s direction but it didn’t deter Nicholai from desiring him.




“Fuckin’ twisted my goddamn ankle or some shit, dude. Help me up!” Nicolai tried pushing himself up without putting a lot of weight on his foot but to no avail.


Not worrying about exposing himself, Corey easily picked up Nicolai and carried him to the couch like a small baby. Nicolai couldn’t help but get excited about this moment they shared, albeit under the wrong damn circumstances. “Might hafta’ go to the hospital, dude.”


“Hells no, man. We got a show to do!” Corey dropped him like a sack of potatoes and went back for his towel to finish drying off. “Why the hell did ya’ decide to add the acrobatic shit to your stage show, man. Ya’ don’t need it!”


Nicolai rubbed his sore ankle trying to distract himself from the tall, naked, reddish blond in front of him. “I wanted to try somethin’ new is all! Ya’ know we need to stay on top of things, Corey. You know the business. Five minutes of fame and before ya’ know it, you’re part of yesterday’s news. Plus…I didn’t want anyone to say I’m a ol geezer up on stage!”


Not paying Nicolai any mind, Corey continued to run the cloth over his long strands. Beads of water still on his broad shoulders, melding in with his angel of death tattoo on his bicep.


Fuckin’ hot.


Nicolai licked his lips, his cock stood at attention underneath his black baggy trousers. Nothing he wanted more than to fuck the taste out of Corey Patrick’s mouth right now but he turned him down quite a long time ago.


What the fuck was I thinkin’?


“Nicolai, don’t do that shit, man. Remember, you didn’t want this!” Corey gripped his slightly hairy balls and walked to the other side of the room, grabbing his stage clothes. He pressed them to his nose and took a whiff. Corey only nodded, obviously thinking they were okay to wear. “And besides, I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole now! I know who ya’ been fuckin’ around with!”


Nicolai only grinned and crossed his arms over his stomach. Yeah he had a moment with the Williams twins, who Corey aptly named Lefty and Righty along with a few of their friends from an all-girl metal band called Chicks from Hell.


Ah good times.


“Corey, damnit…” Nicolai struggled to straighten himself on the couch. “How could I refuse eight hot women who wanted to fuck and smoke weed all night, hmm? Just ‘cause you like dick more than pussy…”


“What did you just say?” Corey cocked an eyebrow.


“You heard me.”


“Nicolai, I’m in for just about anything sexual, but even I have fuckin’ standards!” Corey’s wild brown eyes met Nicolai’s while he yanked his pants over his slim waist. Obviously the man was angry about Nicolai’s choice of women for that evening but he wasn’t the least bit afraid of Corey’s attitude. In fact, it aroused him.


Nicolai couldn’t help but ogle his bassist. Instead of complementing, he decided to make a smart ass remark. “You ain’t wearin’ none?” Nicolai reached for his bag of joints and picked one out.


“Do I ever?” Corey answered with a scowl.


“Well, there was one time you did, smart ass. I’ve told ya’ ‘bout goin’ commando, dude.”


“What? Easier to whip it out when I need to piss in an alley or get my dick sucked by some overly appreciative fan,” he grinned. “Is that how you’re recoverin’ from the ankle?” Corey pointed at the marijuana.


“Yep, guess so. Nothin’ like some weed and a little liquor to make ya’ feel good!” Nicolai inhaled and his eyes fluttered. Almost as good as sex! “I’ll have the medic tape it up for now. Guess I won’t be doin’ any more of them jumps!”


“Uh no, you should just play the ol’ geezer role and wear it ’til you decide you can’t do it anymore.”


“Fuck you! It ain’t never comin’ to that! I’ma die on this stage man but I wanna make sure I can still make the fuckers out there smile and give me horns!” Nicolai banged his head to the melody playing in his brain and flash the metal sign with his freehand.


“Yeah? Is that all ya’ care about, Nicolai? Well damn, I hope you wise up a lil’ bit and realize music isn’t what life’s all about. Lovin’ somebody and them lovin’ you back is!” Corey zipped up his pants and walked out.


Nicolai, stunned from that statement, continued to ogle the space his bassist left. He took another toke from his joint and settled back on the couch cushions. The more the drugs set in, the more the pain in his heart and ankle went away.


I do love ya’ Corey, I just can’t show you or anyone else right now!