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Wednesday Wind Up

I’m excited to check out my fave industrial band again on Friday!


Wednesday Wind Up

Morning peeps

Been listening to a lot of KMFDM lately

I dunno, feeling some industrial as of late.

No worries, I’ll be back to normal later

\m/ \m/

Wind Up Wednesday

Greetings peeps

I checked out Cold Waves this past weekend in Chicago to see Fear Factory on Friday

What a show and a great cause

This band played on Saturday. 

Industrial at it’s finest

Front 242


Wednesday Wind Up


A little industrial this morning

Sorry I’m late

long night…


Wednesday Wind Up


Playing some Ministry this morning to get the blood going.

Yeah you know, metal music is a great wake up.

\m/ \m/

Wednesday Wind Up

Happy HUMP day to all.

Since yesterday was the release of NIN’s newest effort, why not the video from the latest?

It’s growing on me but I have a feeling Trent knows the secret to longevity…

Maybe some day I’ll share that

Anyways here is Came Back Haunted

Wednesday Wind Up

Happy Wednesday Dudes and Dudettes!

Going to see this band when they come to town on the 23rd. 

I’m a big fan of industrial and KMFDM does it better than anyone else. 

Don’t like it?


My show dude.