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Wednesday Wind Up

Okay, I had to.

I just had to post this crap.

What in ever living fuck was this?

For the record, I’m not a big Gaga fan even though she is a champion for GLBTQIA rights.

But this?

Such disrespect to a metal legend like Metallica.

Laverne Cox doesn’t even announce them and then James’ Mike didn’t work.

OMG, like what the fuck?

How can the Grammy’s spin this?

Who the hell hired this sound crew?

They must all be fired! All of them for this bullshit.

Although the song is kick as and Gaga wasn’t too bad, I have to give this shit a thumbs down.


Wednesday Wind Up

Oh fuck!

Hot damn, Metallica kickin’ it old school thrash!

Do you hear that?

Fucking A!

Love the lyrics too!

Song seriously kicks some ass.

If the album that releases in November is anything like this, might have to buy it.

Wind Up Wednesday

How about classic Metallica to wind up your Wednesday?

Enter Sandman is today’s inspiration

\m/ \m/