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Wednesday Wind Up

This sounds so 80’s and I love it

I’m a fan of the corny shit at times…

Good video with hot metal chicks


New Release – Blazing Trails with Hirah Blaze Book 1

hirah1 Well, Hirah is finally out for sale. It actually was up on Saturday, but instead we’ll call today the official release day to hear Hirah’s side of The Wretched Tales story. Hirah is fucking entertaining. Almost as fun as me …

*Hirah kicks Corey’s leg*

OWWW! Fuck, that’s smarts. She’s a fiesty one too, as you’ll see in the books.

It’s only available at Amazon now for 2.99 so go grab it. Tell all your friends who downloaded The Wretched Tales for Free on Smashwords, that they can read Hirah’s story now.

Blurb: If you want somethin’ real bad, you gotta work harder than everyone else.

My grandma was right about that. I did want to be the best damn guitarist. Not the best female guitarist or the best black female guitarist. The best fucking guitarist on the planet. Although Sarge and Diabolical Plan had given me the initial opportunity to show off my chops, I couldn’t be what I wanted to be with my ex-boyfriend steering the ship. I had to be the captain of my destiny. I had to be the one taking the lead.

Five months into it and I’m still pinching myself over this. Me, the little black goth girl from Milwaukee, along with Corey, Bryan Taylor, Nicolai Zander and the new guy on bass named Chad Stephenson.

Have I mentioned that Chad is hot as hell?

More about that later.

This is a spinoff of The Wretched Tales with new guitarist Hirah Blaze. She’s kicking ass and taking names, looking to become the metal world’s newest guitar goddess, but will she get sidetracked by The Wretched’s gorgeous new bass player?


With Jimi Hendrix blasting in my ears, I peered out the window of the black Mercedes limousine, watching the tall buildings go by. For a small-town girl like me, these things were a rarity. Sure, Milwaukee had a few skyscrapers, but nothing like downtown Los Angeles, where the smog was thick and the hot bodies were aplenty. Truthfully, I liked the latter a lot better. That was one thing I missed about living in the Midwest. There was no heavy smog unless I went to Chicago. Clean air is good for the lungs and the soul.

Despite this, I was happy as hell to be here in Los Angeles to further my new career with The Wretched. I had just rented a new apartment, not too far from Corey and his boyfriend, Spescha.

When I told my grandma, she was proud I’d achieved so much in a short amount of time, doing what I loved. I reminded her of what she’d told me, and then added that there was some luck involved. Of course, I didn’t get here just based on my looks or even my stellar axe work. If I hadn’t met Renee, Nicolai and Corey, it might’ve taken me a lot longer to achieve some success. There was much more to do, but this chance was a huge stepping stone.

“Hirah, hey, we’re almost there.”

Chad’s country twang disturbed me from my thoughts and I shook my head to get me out of the fog. Chad and I were on our way to a radio interview, another rare thing to do these days. It was a dream to talk with a top personality about the band. Nicolai and Corey agreed that since we were the newbies, we needed to learn how to handle the press.

In all honesty, I believed it was their feeble attempt to push us together. Why those two decided to play metal matchmaker was anyone’s guess. Okay, so maybe a quick-and-dirty roll in a limo wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I really needed to stay focused. And even though we knew a little about each other, I wasn’t sure if Chad would be cool with me liking men and women.

Sometimes together.

For all I knew, he might turn out like my ex-boyfriend Sarge, who wasn’t into bisexuality. I never quite got that, since he liked to wear pantyhose and makeup every so often. Another reason why they say you can’t tell a book by its cover. Outside of that little peccadillo, Sarge was so damn hetero, he didn’t even want other chicks in bed with us. Go figure. I thought that was every red-blooded straight guy’s ultimate fantasy. Unfortunately, he also wanted that “C” thing and I loved my freedom too much. As I’ve said, relationships in bands do not work.

Okay, Fleetwood Mac notwithstanding.

I mean, there were so many hot people out there, especially in L.A. Fanboys and girls had been throwing game my way, and I couldn’t help but take notice. When I let the world know I was bi in an interview with Kick Ass e-zine, most of my fan emails included phone numbers and pictures, as well as offers to join them and their significant others. I relished all of the attention and at some point I might partake, but for now I still had so much to process and having anything more than little flings in my life would be a distraction.

Preparing to go, I turned off my iPod and pulled the plugs out of my ears. I glanced at my fellow bandmate and flashed him a wide smile. “You know you’re doing most of the talking, right?”

Chad swiped his pierced tongue over his top lip and grinned in response. His nose ring gleamed from sunlight shining through the roof of the car. Chad removed his Ray-Bans, revealing his beautiful light blue eyes. He raked his fingers through long blondish brown locks with a hint of purple on the ends. “I am? Why, when you got such a beautiful voice that everyone wants to hear.”

Jesus Christ, that voice!

What did I say about not getting involved with a bandmate?

Wednesday Wind Up


Sharing the new Devildriver promo.

Sounds killer. I do miss Jon Boecklin on drums and Jeff Kendrick on guitar, but the new members are doing just fine. I haven’t had a chance to see the guys live yet. Looking forward to the chance soon!

Wishing Dez and the boys good luck with this latest disc!

Out Now The Wretched Tales 3.1



And finally The Wretched 3.1 is up for download

You can do so here at Smashwords!

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review!

3.2 is also ready and BL will be uploading that after a final proofread!

The Wretched News – New Excerpt RATED R

shutterstock_8294326  Okay, so I admit, we’ve been making you wait a long ass fucking time for the last installments! Yes, *pokes BL and Sharita*

So, we’re gonna post a little here as a teaser, yep and hopefully if the cover Goddess bestows us with a cover, the full 3.1 will be out by the end of the week!

Sound good?


This one is by BL and co-author Kym Reed



“Sometimes what you really need/Isn’t truly what you truly desire.”

 The lyrics from Burnt Ash’s Unhealthy Habit rang prophetically in my head while I shoved Nicolai’s ass out of the elevator.  

“Yeah well, I need you Trey, but you’re busy hugging up your woman.”

“What’s that stud?” Nicolai quickly turned around.

“Nothin,” I growled as I shoved him ahead of me. “Keep walking, asshole!”

Just the thought of Trey’s refusal made me sick to my stomach. The man I called myself falling for dropped me like yesterday’s bad trash and now I had to make nice with Nicolai to keep my career intact.

Too bad we aren’t outside.

Nah he ain’t worth it.

Despite my horniness, I hated the wicked sonofabitch in front of me just as much as I desired him. Forcing him off the roof of this hotel would be satisfying, but it would stir up another set of problems my feeble psyche wasn’t prepared to deal with.


Frustration raging through me, I plucked the keycard from my pocket.

“Hurry up Corey. We gotta show to play tonight and I wanna make sure we get to spend the rest of afternoon all alone.”

I could hear Nicolai’s smug smile through his voice. Man, I hated ending up with the shorter end of the stick.


“Yeah, yeah.” I kneed his hip and pushed him inside my room.

“Damn, you’re a grumpy bottom,” he joked and slid the black leather jacket from his shoulders. Once he had it off, he stood there with a look of fierce hunger in his eyes I couldn’t ignore.

Damn this cocky asshole!

Yeah, it didn’t matter that I was hurting inside from being rejected by Trey and gloated over by Nicolai. I still wanted to fuck him like there was no tomorrow and since we had the moment, I’d get that chance.

“Who the fuck said I was bottoming?” Horny and pissed as hell, I snatched my t-shirt from up over my head and tossed it aside. “I may be the sorry one, but your ass is mine right now bitch.”

Nicolai’s chuckle was nasty, seductive and went straight to my dick. “Who the fuck you callin’ bitch?”

“I don’t see anyone else in here and from what I recall, I’m the one calling the shots.”

Fucking cocksucker!

“Not now you aren’t.” I unbuckled my pants, slid them downwards and kicked them off with my shoes. Before he could say another word, I took two steps towards him and shoved him roughly on the bed. I pinned him to the mattress with my body and crushed his lips against mine. Right now, I lusted after Nicolai and wanted his ass wrapped around my cock.

He‘s long overdue for the ass reaming of his life and I was just the man to give it to him.

Shit, I’m one crazy motherfucker!

Just to catch my breath, I stopped kissing Nicolai. I inhaled sharply and pushed my hair out of my face.

To make a point about my control, I forced his hands over his head. “And who’s in charge again?”

Lips swollen and staring back at me with glassy-eyed lust, Nicolai groaned, his body pretty much already mine. “Fucking hell, Corey Patrick. Damn you’re like a bad drug, ya know? I guess−”

“No, no, no guess. Who’s in charge, Nicolai Zander?”

“You, alright? We’ll play you’re little game, but don’t get any ideas thinking this shit’s permanent.”

I cocked an eyebrow and flashed him a sly grin. “Whatever. Now get the fuck out of these clothes unless you want me to rip them off you.”

It took no time at all to get my hot lead singer butt naked, and I didn’t even need to stop kissing him to do it. I practically cut off his breathing while rubbing the head of my cock against his.

Holy shit, the contact of our dicks rubbing together was like being zapped by lightning. He arched up into me, moaning like the slut he truly was.

Letting go of his lips with a loud pop, I smacked his chest hard and twisted his nipple with one hand, while I slid the other downward to work and squeezed his nutsack.

“Oh shit, Corey. Damn, damn, baby. More…”

I did it again, roughly caressing his jewels and stroking his shaft. I laughed dirtily, the thrill of having Nicolai dancing to my tune for once. It was heady shit, having him under my control. And though I was excited that Nicolai was hard as nails, I had to impale his ass first.

One good fuck deserves another!

We would be going there later on tonight but for this moment, I was gonna fuck my lead singer into the goddamn mattress.

While continuing to turn his nipple like a radio dial, I spat in my other hand, rubbing some of my saliva between my fingertips. While kissing his lips, I plunged one finger inside of his ass.

Holy fuck he was so damn tight.

I really didn’t think his pucker would be so damn snug knowing he liked Renee to ream him with a strap on, but man I had to experience this. I also needed to make him see I wouldn’t be treated like his personal bitch. If this shit, this, whatever you call it was to work, we’d be on equal ground.  Versatile. Switchers. Or else we wouldn’t be doing anything at all.

No question I liked being a sub from time to time, but I relished being in control a whole lot more. Especially with Nicolai.

“You gonna do it or what, stud,” he demanded, challenging me, goading me. “Make it hurt too. None of that weak shit!”

Fuck I loved that.

Yeah, I loved being called stud by my favorite dickwad and Nicolai talking dirty was the added bonus.

“Oh yeah, it’s gonna hurt motherfucker.” I removed one then shoved four in with no warning. “I’ll make damn sure of that.”

“Oh shit, yeah Corey. Gimme that cock!” Nicolai’s eyes rolled up in his head and he clawed my back, adding even more fuel to the fire.

“Fuck!” It hurt like hell, cause he was so fuckin’ tight, but I loved it nonetheless. Yeah the guy pissed me off all kind of ways, but I wanted Nicolai to help me forget about Trey. Not completely, but at least enough to quell the sting.

I locked my lips with his again as I removed my fingers from him. I wanted the asshole but not enough to bareback it with him. I tore the foil quickly and rolled the latex on my dick. I sucked in a breath as the pain surged from my balls to my groin. I grabbed the lube, squeezing a little on my fingers to further prep Nicolai’s ass for my assault. Oh yeah, this would be fun. A whole helluva lot too. The only thing missing was Renee and Hirah watching us from the side, tangling tongues and pussys.

Fuck yeah. I could see that shit. And hell, since Hirah and Renee were both into me, surely we could surely make that a fucking reality.

“Shit, Corey. Get in me!”

“You’re the fucking bossy bottom aren’t cha?” I slid my fingers out and positioned my cock at his entrance. I shifted just enough to be comfortable and in less than a second, plunged my cock into the bowels of hell because being with Nicolai was nothing like heaven. Nevertheless, I wanted that sweet dose of hell wrapped around my shaft.

“Fuck, stud. Like that, babe. Harder!” Nicolai writhed underneath me and clenched his thighs tightly around my waist.

“Oh yeah!” I threw my head back and slammed into his body repeatedly, rocking the bed against the wall. I had no idea if anyone was close by or on the other side. Actually, I didn’t give a flying fuck if anyone was around to hear us. You wanna know why? Maybe I’ll tell you later because I can’t get all philosophical while fucking someone into next week.

“Sweet Satan, hot damn. Get that shit, baby!”

Amused, I couldn’t help but chuckle between gasps for air. Nicolai was such a freaking card. I groaned, pulled his legs atop my shoulders, and leaned in close looking into his blueish greens. I wiped his sweat and mine from his forehead. “Damn… Nicolai.”

Nicolai opened his eyes and grabbed a handful of my hair. “Yeah, just like that. C’mon down here and give me those lips.”


A part of me wanted to do that while the other wanted to wrap my fucking hands around his neck. Though that asphyxiation shit was sexy, I didn’t have the balls nor the training to try it, so suffocating him with my mouth was the only option.

I fucked his mouth as hard as I fucked his oh my God so tight and hot chute, plunging my tongue down his throat while I continued to pummel his ass into the cheap mattress.

Adrenaline filled me, sending electric shocks from my brain to every part of my body. It wasn’t like it was with… er, what’s his name, but it was damn near close.

Could I accept being the third in the Renee/Nicolai relationship and not think about being with anyone else long term?

For now I would because my heart had been broken into a million pieces just a couple of hours ago. As Hirah said, who needed commitment at such a fucking early age? I like fucking men, women, transsexuals, drag queens, and everyone in between. I could get laid quite a bit and not have to worry about the emotional bullshit that comes along with love.

Why should I put myself in that position again? Not when I had one of metals’ finest in my corner. As fucktard said, I had a promising career, money, and fame. And now, I got Nicolai and Renee to grace my bed some nights and anyone else who comes my way to fill in the gaps.

* * * *

Yeah, hope you enjoyed that. More to come later on!

Wretched 2.4 is OUT NOW



Hey dudes and dudettes

Just in time for the weekend

The Wretched Tales 2.4 is OUT!

*fist pump*

A nice little surprise at the end for you, and as usual a cliffhanger




Official Release of Sex Type Thing



Greetings dudes and dudettes

The official release of Sex Type Thing is today!

*pumps fists*

BL’s raunchy story is up at ARe and Amazon

and today only, you can get a 50% rebate on all Triad Literary Titles