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Sneak Peek at The Wretched 3.3

WT33   Okay kids, blame Shar for this snippet being like 2 weeks late. I mean, who told you to have so many damn muses!


Anyways, here is a little bit, unedited form the next episode. What am I up to now?

After we left the “Purple One’s” town, the band had a couple of days off before embarking on a stretch of eight gigs in nine nights before we headed to California. During those days off, I spent my time with Spescha having lots of catch-up and make-up sex.

Leaving Minneapolis for North Dakota was quite the change in scenery. I mean from big city to fucking small houses and farms was a shock to this eastern born and bred Yankee dude. Still I was looking forward to some sightseeing with Spescha on my arm. In Psychotica, we never got perks like this and with things so fucking topsy-turvy right now, who knew if the two of us would get this chance again.

I didn’t bother hanging around the rest of The Wretched or for that matter, the other bands because I needed time to gather strength to deal with the shit ahead. I knew they’d all have something to say when the pictures and/or videos of Spescha and me sharing a kiss or holding hands started surfacing. So far though, no one tried all that hard to get at me so maybe it wasn’t a big deal after all.

It wasn’t as if I wanted to get with any of them when I had my main man guarding my back.

As for the fans, I’d already seen some of the metal community’s varying reactions to my supposed “change”. Pictures posted with comments on various metal boards as well as our F-book page ranged from “who gives a flying fuck if he’s a fag he can play” to “jeebus not another Rob Halford” made me snicker. It was rather goddamn funny why a bunch of supposedly straight guys were so obsessed with who I fucked.  The way I looked at it, my being out of the hetero gene pool (not really but why explain pansexuality to those losers anyway) left more hot metal girls for them to get at.

Speaking of metal girls…well who knew they could be so, you know? Freaky? Raunchy? They seemed like totally turned-on by the fact that me and Spescha were an item.  In fact, Spesch showed me some band fiction site where chicks wrote all kinds of stories, mainly sex stories, about their favorite bands. Man, all I can say is I’ll never look at Lars and James in quite the same way again. Who the fuck knew chicks even fantasized about stuff like hardcore bondage and fisting? Talk about an education.

And the stories about me and Spescha? All I had to say was “thank you”. He and I had even more inspiration to get and stay naked.

Overall, it seemed everyone’s feelings were mixed which I guess was a good thing. The true test would be once I formally told the world that I was pansexual.

Interestingly, the dude who runs our band pages on social media said the negativity had been fairly low. He mentioned the amount of views and likes spiking in record numbers. Could it be The Wretched was gaining more popularity because of my sexuality?

To be honest, I didn’t really care all that much because I’ve learned a lot since the beginning of this tour. Number one being the fact that I drove stick had nothing to do with the fact that I was still one of the best up and coming bassists in metal (not my words but I’ll take ‘em). Number two, I finally figured out what mattered, and Spescha mattered to me.

Being the attention whore he was, Nicolai was probably trying to figure out some way to use our increase in popularity to his advantage. Knowing that smug little bastard, he was probably telling people it was his idea that I came out.

Regardless of what plans he had in place, mine would trump his by a thousand.

How you say?

Two words.

Deborah Meyer.

Yep, I bet you didn’t think you’d hear that name again did you? My favorite, hard to get, sexy chocolate journalist was going to help me bring Nicolai to his fucking knees.

Yes my friends, as I told ya, I got a fucking plan.

Oh and you might be interested to know that Amadeus and I made our peace before we left Minneapolis. After my run in with Brian, the three of us—me, Spescha and Ama—had a nice long talk (after I threatened to send him to hell a lot sooner than he planned that is) and he apologized for selling my soul to the devil.

And not the one he wanted to follow either.

During our conversation, Amadeus admitted something most of us already knew. Nicolai was a ruthless motherfucker who needed to be put in his place as soon as possible. And though Amadeus was now on our side, as it were, that didn’t mean I was ready to trust him with my diabolically flawless plan.

I’m sure you’re all just dying to know what it is, right?

*rubs hands together*

Yeah, I’m sure you do but I’m thinking it would be more fun for you to watch it unfold. So get your freaking popcorn and pop a squat. It’s gonna be quite a ride!

* * * *

Okay, first draft on this one is done. Now we’re about to finish up with the grand finale!

Shar doesn’t want to release it until 3.4 is done, so, we might be waiting a bit. Here’s hoping Nicolai gives her a clue as to what he wants because she can’t figure it out right now. Damn sneaky bastard!


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