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Wednesday Wind Up

Greetings peeps

I swear, I’ve seen them like 3 times. The last time in New York they kicked ass as always.

You can see the review here.

This is my fave tune by them and by the way, they wear some snazzy suits. 

Wednesday Wind Up

Good mornin

A rousing track here from Gojira.

They get better with each album.

I really dig this vid too.

Wednesday Wind Up


Sharing the new Devildriver promo.

Sounds killer. I do miss Jon Boecklin on drums and Jeff Kendrick on guitar, but the new members are doing just fine. I haven’t had a chance to see the guys live yet. Looking forward to the chance soon!

Wishing Dez and the boys good luck with this latest disc!

Back in Black!

shutterstock_8294326 Hey folks. Yeah, I know its been more than a minute. Longer than we wanted, but hey, here we are just as we said we would be. *cues music and dances*   

So many things went on while this blog was on hiatus. I mean, the world went nuts. A bigot rises in the political polls, we lose, Lemmy, David Bowie, and Prince. So much BS, but hey, at least we still have metal.


Good thing too because who can put up with all this shit without metal music? We need that to let out some of that aggression. And once again, I’m here to share some of my faves.

Even better, The Wretched Tales are ready to go again. Remember BL said she was writing books for Hirah? Yep, well they’e coming into fruition and they should be ready by June or the latest July. Believe you me I’m ready to hear Hirah’s story so she can give the female perspective of what’s new with The Wretched. Nicolai is still up to his old tricks and we have new band members. Chad, for one has a crush on Hirah, but does she feel the same about him? Add into the mix, Renee’s jealous about Hirah not giving her the same attention, Troy trying his  best to get back in my pants, and my boy Brian still coming to grips with his sexuality.

A lot to explain in these books, but we’re gonna have fun. I guarantee it will be a blast. Now watch for the covers, coming in another post!


Hirah’s New Covers

All right folks.

As promised, here are Hirah’s new covers!

Woohoo! Isn’t she gorgeous?

I know you see it. If I wasn’t so much into my man, I’d bang her.

Oh, that’s right, I already did!

And my man did too!

Ahem, okay well, yeah, here they are and look for them in June/July!

Wednesday Wind Up

I’ve been absent, under a rock, or under my guy if you wanna look at it that way.


Still, I’be been paying attention to my favorite groups and whats coming up for them.

I’m more excited about the new Death Angel than anything.

Check out the official video!

Mark can still sing his ass off!

*fist pump*

Titillating Tuesday

Whoa and Hello!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

SamCHarris (2)

Greetings folks!

Do you see this beautiful specimen up above? Oh yes, HIM!


This guy is Sam Harris and I’ll be switching another model out for him in Hirah’s books as Chad, the hot as fuck 2nd guitarist behind our leading lady.

I mean, look at him! He is sooo freaking … WOW

Yeah, I’m a little excited.

Anyways, I’ll be writing Hirah starting next week. I am totally stoked.

Been looking to get back to my Wretched band series for quite a while!

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