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Titillating Tuesday


Hot pic

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Morning peeps

This is a sweet pic

Which tells you one thing.

I’m running out of saucy pics that offend people!


I need to get to Tumblr!

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What’s next for Metalrotica?



So, with The Wretched in the books you might be wondering what’s next for me and the Metalrotica brand. Well, that’s easy. There are still stories to be written for that douche Allen, one of which BL’s co-author decided to suggest, Brian needs a lover, and we need to tell the full story of Nicolai and Renee as well as Psychotica, Spescha, and me. And don’t forget Hirah who will be next on the docket for The Wretched Tales. She’s going to tell more about us from her point of view in Blazing Trails, Stories from Hirah Blaze. Also there will be a paperback for The Wretched with some stories called What Ifs. These are a small collection of shorts featuring characters from the Tales with different scenarios than what actually happened.

They’ll be free, no worries there.

And don’t forget about the Reluctant Groupie and Metalerotique. We have some stories for that as well along with another set of stories for 2 more fictional bands.

So stay tuned to this space to find out more!

Wednesday Wind Up

Morning folks.

No vids just a teaser because I found it while recovering from the hangover in Nola.


Songs from the Black Hole features covers from Bad Brains, Neil Young, Killing Joke,

Husker Du, and Black Flag just to name a few.

Look for it in June

I’m certainly gonna have a listen!


Its fucking Prong of course!

Titillating Tuesday



Greetings dudes and dudettes

Welcome to Corey’s

and so… I’m in New Orleans, drinking up some shit

Partying for Mardi Gras

Fun times

I had nothing really to post so I picked this hot homoerotic cartoon.

and its metal inspired


Have fun the rest of this week!

Wednesday Wind Up

Okay, I’m going to confess and say I’d never heard of this band until

BL’s co-author Kym mentioned the guitarist.

Yes, a big mistake on my part since this band seriously kicks ass.

The lead is Diamond Rowe for those of you wondering and damn can this gal play!

Kudos to her for learning guitar and forming this band with her friend Josh.

They got big plans and I wish them the best!

\m/ \m/

Titillating Tuesday NSFW


Greetings Dudes and dudettes and welcome to Corey’s

Well, I’ll be relaxing next week in New Orleans.

You know, for Mardi Gras

Its a great big party where you can drink in the street and see a little of everything.

I love it!

Me or BL will try posting pics if we’re not too drunk!


Wednesday Wind Up

Morning peeps

I’m feeling nostalgic today

So I decided to post an oldie but goodie

Hells yeah

I love this song. 

And yeah, I still dunno what the fuck they’re talking about!

\m/ \m/


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