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Wednesday Wind Up

Lovin the new Ghost song and vid

It’s very campy, but bomb ass.

I love these guys!

Wednesday Wind Up

Something a little mellow this week since Hirah and Chad are about to get it on!


Geez, yeah I know, book 1 coming soon but you have to wait on the nookie!

Wednesday Wind Up

New from Testament

Sounds kick ass!

Wednesday Wind Up

Oh fuck!

Hot damn, Metallica kickin’ it old school thrash!

Do you hear that?

Fucking A!

Love the lyrics too!

Song seriously kicks some ass.

If the album that releases in November is anything like this, might have to buy it.

Wednesday Wind Up

What the fuck, have I been living under a rock?

I hadn’t heard of these ladies either, but when I did the search on Suspended, I found them.

Seriously, we need to know more about brutal, kick ass ladies in metal!

Wednesday Wind Up

I’m gearing up to check out Nervosa on Friday along with these gals.

I’ve never heard of the until now and I’m stoked to check out their set.

\m/ \m/

Wednesday Wind Up


I’m stoked to hear that Opeth is coming out with a new album in Sept.

Here is a lyric vid!