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Wednesday Wind Up


*pumps fists*

Corey and me are both frothing at the mouth!

Love the riffs and drums on this one for sure!

\m/ \m/

*This is from the Nuclear Blast YouTubeChannel*

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Morning folks

Here’s another hot pic!

MMhm, yum. I’d love to be this girl in the middle

*waggles eyebrows*

Wednesday Wind Up

Hey people!

Here’s a new video from Nightwish

I adore this band!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Greetings people

Ah I love this picture.

Hot as hell!

BL needs to write this into a scene!

Wednesday Wind Up

Happy Wednesday

I’ve always loved Howard Jones

He rocked in KSE and he rocks now with Devil You Know

Check out this video!

Bomb ass!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Happy Tuesday all

Back to some het action with the pics

That guy is hot

I’d love to be manhandled by him


Enjoy Cinco de Mayo! Don’t drink too much!

Wednesday Wind Up

Greetings people

Hmm, this sounded interesting so I gave it a spin

I like their look and the video is worth a watch


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